Code to move robot linearly an weave at same time

Our application scenario involves the linear movement of the robot while simultaneously spraying the shot-blasting material.

 Specifically, all axes are programmed to move linearly, with the exception of axis 6, which is intended to rotate halfway. For a more comprehensive understanding of this scenario, we have provided a video accessible via the following link.

It would be much appreciated if anyone could share the code.

Best regards

Aravind Sivakumar


  • mandolas
    If the situation is to move linearly but rotating the tool during the toolpath, try using the following instruction...
    MoveL Offs(RelTool(*,0,0,0\Rx:=X\Ry:=Y\Rz:=Z),A,B,C),v100,z5,tGripper\WObj:=wMesa;
    Substitute: A,B,C,X,Y,X,tGripper,wMesa to test the result.