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IP Routing in the IRC5?

I have IRC5 controllers (RW6.11) with PC-Interface installed and working on X6 WAN with an automatically assigned IP Address in the DNS Client Configuration

I have the IRC5 set up as on LAN3 Ethernet I/P with several devices on this subnet, including weld power supply, I/O blocks, and safety PLC, etc.

Is there a way in the IRC5 configuration to bridge WAN to LAN3 so my team can access the web servers on the devices for backup and configuration updates via the WAN X6 port when needed?

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  • revans
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    The short answer is no...

    There are some alternatives if you are willing to change your system up a bit.

    The longer answer is that you can set it up so both the WAN and the PLC port are plugged into the same network but are on different vlans/subnets (may not have used the best word). Then the computers your team are using will need to have dual IP addresses or your gateway will need to know to only let you team access both IP addresses... Not the most reasonable.

    A second option is to to set the WAN port up as the industrial network port and have it perform the communication with the PLC and other IO devices. This will make it so you can have both the PC interface/robotstudio work on the same network as the PLC.

    I don't know what you are doing with the WAN port that needs it to get a dhcp address, so that may not be an option.

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  • Thanks for the response, revans!

    I found a workaround: We're installing a stick computer at each cell that sits on the factory floor wi-fi, and has a static ip address and hard wire to the switch for the robot's LAN.
  • Just incase anyone is finding this in the future, this feature was added to omnicore controllers in RW 7.10

    1.7 Possible to forward traffic between different networks

    The port forwarding configuration can be used to reach a server/device located on a different network in the controller. One example is having a built-in web server on a device on the IO network that needs to be reached from the Private or Public network.
    This functionality uses NAT(Network Address Translation) and will also automatically open the associated port in the controller firewall.For the communication to work both ways the server/device must have a default gateway set that points back to the controller. For example,a server/device on the Private network needs to have a default gateway set to which is the controller address on that network. All configuration is done in the Communication topic in the system parameters.

    The following forwarding is possible:
    Public Network -> Private Network
    Public Network -> I/O Network
    Private Network -> I/O Network

    Maybe this feature will come to irc5?
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