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Motion data missing after RobotWare 7.10.0 update

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After updating my Robotstudio and RobotWare to the latest versions (RobotWare - 7.10.0), "Motion data missing" error appeared. I suspect that it might be versions incompatibility (previous RobotWare version is 7.8...). Controller reset doesn't seem to work.
The system suggests to "Load new configuration files", however how can I do not have any config file that could be suitable for that (I tried to restore backup, in vain).
How can I get rid of that error?

P.S. I can't even return previous version back, because judging by Release notes updating to 7.10 version is point of no return.
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    Okay, so in case somebody faced similar problem there is simple solution. Go to Configuration -> Motion -> Robot Serial Number and enter its serial number xxxxx(high part)-xxxxxx(low part). If there is no connection to the robot you can change MOC.CFG 


    -name "rob_1" -robot_serial_number_high_part "xxxxx"\.
    -robot_serial_number_low_part xxxxxx


  • I had the same issue and I am glad I found this! Needs more clarity in the release notes...