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Motion Supervision Error

Hello to members!                                                                                                               
i am working on IRB 6700 with Robotware 6.12 and mounted on a flex track. it was working absolutely fine without any error. today when i tried to jog, it shows some errors regarding:                                 

Motion Supervision 50204,                                                                                        Collison Triggered 10024 ,                                                                                        Collision retraction 10026,                                                                                                Joint Collision  50056.                                                                                                           

Following steps are taken for remedy:   robot never collide anything, no visible cable damage (Motor), also cross checked the flexibility of cables and found no such stress on the cables.
Tool Data, Mass was properly defined using Loadidentify system routine, no other system parameters are changed. i also tried moving robot in small increments and take it away from so called collision point but motion supervision gets active.                       
changed sensitivity of motion supervision from default upto 200 and give it a try but error persists. 
Using brake release button on the manipulator i checked all axis , they move smoothly without any noise in both + and -ive direction. 
one thing that confused me that its not about a specific joint or axis, after restarting the system which ever axis i select to jog robot in that axis direction using joy stick, motion supervision and joint collision errors comes with that axis name.  which means its not related to some specific axis (mechanical or electrical), even if i try to move the flex track it stops movement after few mm move and generate motion supervision error.  

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated. 


  • Do you have the optional light which indicates that the motors are on?  It is usually mounted on axis four near axis three.  If the light does not come on, then the brakes are not releasing.  It is powered by that circuit.  Also, if there is a short it might come on real dimly.
    Lee Justice
  • sir i don't have that optional light, but whenever i press the brake release button to move that axis manually, there comes a tik sound "prominent" enough to easily listen that.  and then axis can be moved manually. and that sounds is fine for all axis even for track also.
  • The light is a quick and easy way to check.  Anyway, it might be that the brake contactors are not activating.
    Lee Justice
  • i got your point, there was an error regarding brake contactors which at that time i thought may be i didn't properly squeeze the enabling switch. i ll definitely give it a check. thanks for your help sir.