External axis on IRC5

I am new to robot programming. I want to simulate in Robot Studio a IRB_6620 robot on a IRBT6004 axis. (Robot Studio version: 6.08.01)
I just put the axis and the robot via drag and drop into my solution. I connected the robot and axis via drag and drop. When I move the axis via "move along the axis", the robot moves with the axis, and when the TCP is set to a point, the robot tries to stay at that point, when the axis is moving, so they seem to be connected.
When I go to Path&Postions => right mouse click on the IRB_6620_150kg_2.20m => System configuration, I can only see the robot and not the axis. Is that OK?
I made a path, where the robot has to use the axis, but then a error occurs, that position is out of reach. I thought I have to activate the mechanical unit, but I could only activate "ROB_1", I guess this is the robot itself and not the axis.

I have no idea what is going wrong, I would be grateful if I got any help from you.
Thanks in advance!


  • In the pendant I know it has parameters settings so you don't destroy the robot by crashing it and what not see if you can change there in the Pendant