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ABB Screenmaker Eventhandler to open Production Screen on TPU

Morning All.

How do create an EventHandler to open the Production Screen on the TPU when a button is pressed? Is there a way to do this? Only options available in screenmaker is: Backup and Restore View, Jogging View, LogOff View, RapidData View and RapidEditor View.


  • jmf
    edited August 2023
    I would like to add to the first issue, another issue that I encounter.
    I have three RunRoutineButtons (Name, Job No & Drawing No). Each has their respective routines to call. Inside each routine, there is a pers variable bool set upon finishing the routine execution which is set to TRUE except in the final routine, Drawing, where all three Booleans are checked and if all is true, then bInput is set to TRUE. bInput is then used to enable another routine, Start (Main routine). Everything up to here is good. When starting the main routine, even before the routine start executing, bInput is automatically reverted back to FALSE. How do I fix this issue as this is one of the only things holding me back to complete this screenmaker application and load it to the system. 

    System I'm working on is a IRC5 with RW6.09.02 and using Screenmaker 6.09.
  • lemster68
    PERS bool bInput;  instead of PERS bool bINput:=FALSE;
    Lee Justice