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How to determine the confdata of a robot if the translation and rotation data is available?

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on developing RAPID Code out of python when a stl file is imported.

Through python I am able to specify the translation and rotation for the robot from the imported part. However I am not sure how can I determine the confdata?

I am relatively new to the world of robotics, however when I was playing around with RAPID code generated from directly teaching targets from Robotstudio, I realised that the path traced by multiple MoveC statements had no change if I used some arbitrary values of confdata such as [0,0,0,0], [-1,0,-1,0], etc. Each time the robot traced the same path.

I wanted to know if there is a way I can automate the process of determining the confdata so that I can generate robotargets directly from python?

Thank You in advance.


  • lemster68
    Can you generate or convert your data to the joint angles?
    Lee Justice
  • Hi Mohit, 

    I saw your previous post as well.
    The Confdata data type is covered in the RAPID programming manual which is worth reading up on.
    There are usually several configurations a robot can use to reach the same tool position. 
    Think about sitting at a desk. If you put your hand on the table, there are multiple positions you could put your elbow in while your body stays still and your hand is in the same position, the question arises how do you decide where to put your elbow? Your brain handles that problem fine, robots need information about what joint configuration to use to achieve a position so they don't have top decide where to put their elbow. Confdata essentially tells the robot for certain joints, which quadrant of 360 degrees that joint should be in.

    Sometimes the robot will not be able to reach a position with a certain configuration. If it is monitoring these configurations it will always try to achieve the specified position with the specified joint configuration, but the monitoring can be turned off so the robot will instead look for the closest solution and ignore the specified configuration. 

    There is a command that can be called either as ConfL \On or ConfL \Off, which will turn configuration monitoring for linear movement (MoveC & MoveL, not MoveJ) on or off. There are benefits to having it on or off depending on the application. Usually it is turned on when the program pointer is set to main.

    Good Luck, 

  • lemster68
    It is also possible to turn off the supervision with Joint moves with ConfJ\Off.  Of course, it is turned back on with the optional parameter, \On.
    Lee Justice
  • Thank you. The ConfL and ConfJ worked in my case.