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Smart componnets. Is it possible to attach whole queue to robot gripper using attacher?

I need to attach group of 3 to 5 items to robot gripper, can I use queue for this or i must attach them with different attachers one by one? Items is dynamically created. Maybe there is example how to do this?


  • mandolas

    There is the possibility of joining a queue. With each iteration you fill and empty the queue.

    You can use two queues and set up the logic of including 3 in queue_1 and 5 in queue_1, after attaching to the robot, move queue_1 to the position, meanwhile fill queue_2, in the detach position execute the Clear() command from queue_1, like this Drop all items from the queue. Move to the attach position and detach queue_1, attach queue_2, and so on.

    I think it can help. Test and post the result.