Conveyor tracking without hardware trigger

Hi everyone,

I need to set up a conveyor tracking application in which I cannot directly wire a sensor to the switch input of CMT, as my trigger is actually a logic condition, and its expression may change at runtime.

Is there any way to provide a soft trigger switch via RAPID? I am aware that I will introduce time uncertainty but my conveyor moves slowly and I need no extreme positioning accuracy.

Or, even better, is there a way to issue a Rapid instruction which cause a WObj to be continuously offset in a defined direction based on encoder measured distance? This is actually they way this application was made in the past with Kawasaki robots.

Any smarter idea than wiring a general purpose digital output to the trigger input of CMT?

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  • lucavanin
    Hi gea_gfantechi
    Yes there is a signal to simulate the Trigger.

    You can type:

    If you want to manage a sequential trigger and you need to measure the distance between a trigger and other, you can use this code i've developed. (You need Multitasking)

    EXAMPLE: Trig Foto and syncTrigger every 250mm

    CONST dnum k_Maxc1Counts:=4294967295; !Max counts of encoder, youi can find in config data
    CONST dnum k_CountsPerMeter:=48579; !Same of Process parameter
    CONST num k_PhotoRatio:=250; !Distance between a trig and next

    PERS num act_c1Counts_Vis; 
    PERS num memo_c1Counts_Vis;

    PROC TrigCmd()
       IF ((getDistance_Vis()>NumToDnum(k_PhotoRatio) AND c1NullSpeed=0 ) THEN
            ! Cmd Trigger to CTM



    FUNC dnum getDistance_Vis()
        VAR dnum l_n;


        !Recalculate position if pass over 0 axis CNV1
        IF act_c1Counts_Vis<memo_c1Counts_Vis THEN


        RETURN l_n;

    IF you want to store pulsencoder and take an ID of the trigger to use conveyor advanced tracking you can use GInputDnum(c1CntFromEnc).