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HELP, Where can I get the file missing for the back up?

Hello, as mentioned in the title, I've been facing difficulties in generating a station from the backup of an older robot. I've attempted to create it using the building tool, but I encountered a couple of issues. Initially, it prompted me for the Robot Ware version 5.12. I proceeded to download version 6 from the add-ins, but now it's requesting an SAC file. I've also tried the same with the STAND-ALONE CONTROLLER in add-ins, but I continue to encounter the same error message when attempting to create the station.

NOTE: THE POP UP SAYS `The media pool does not contain the additional Option: SAC, a system cannot be created from this back up`

NOTE 2: IT ASKS FOR THE SAC version 5.12.4003.04 I have not been able to find it online so far


  • SomeTekk
    You need the RobotWare 5.12.X installer. SAC is part of it. 
    Contact your local (country) ABB Robotics Tech Support for the RW, and if necessary the SAC installer.