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Is it possible to change wobj0?

Hi all,

I'm doing some attempts on RobotStudio to understand better the coordinate systems hierarchy.
I moved the base frame at x = 1000 mm in the world coordinate system (and accordingly in RobotStudio I see that the robot is correctly moved with respect to the world).
Now i want wobj0 to coincide with the base frame, so I modified it in RAPID:

PERS wobjdata wobj0 := [FALSE, TRUE, "", [[1000, 0, 0],[1, 0, 0, 0]], [[0, 0, 0],[1, 0, 0, 0]]];

But it looks like this change is not affecting the system; still from the jog window on the virtual flex pendant and from the online value in RAPID I see that the current value for wobj0 is the default one (and so it coincides with the world coordinate system):

PERS wobjdata wobj0 := [FALSE, TRUE, "", [[1000, 0, 0],[1, 0, 0, 0]],[[0, 0, 0],[1, 0, 0, 0]]];

Is it possible to change wobj0 in someway?

Thank you


  • matti
    So define wobj1:=[...,[[1000,0,0]...]; and use this ?
  • XNOR
    Notation:  RootFrame -> Depends on root frame

    RobotStudio Frame (RS-WCS) -> Task Frame/Controller World-> Base Frame
    • RS-WCS is only in RobotStudio
    • Tasks are RS lingo and is the World Frame of the real-world controller.
    • I believe that wobj0 references the World frame and not base. I would have guessed that other wObjs reference world and not wobj0 but you could make a quick test to confirm.
    In robot studio you can move the physical robot CAD but the Task/World frame can end up not following. If you go to the Controller tab, look under Virtual Controller section, and click 'Task Frames' to get a dialog to move Task/Word, It will ask you if you want to move the robot Base frame. Saying yes will pop the cad to the new location.

  • @XNOR indeed all work objects are referenced to the Task frame (in RS)/World frame (in reality). But wobj0 is a special kind of work object that you cannot move away from Task/World frame. 

    You are more correct than I was, when I said that wobj0 is a reference for all work objects, which is why I removed my post to avoid confusion.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • Then, talking about a real case, it is only possible to move the base frame with respect to world, but not to move wobj0, which coincides with the world frame. Is this right?