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Start Rapid Execution issue by using Robot Web Services 1.0

Hi there:
I want to use Start Rapid Execution function, I have requested mastership, and listed all 6 data params, when I post Start Rapid Execution url, I got feedback of 204, but robot don't have any reaction. Does anyone know what could be the problem, or share with me a sample, thanks in advance!



  • data_params = {'regain' :'clear' ,
    'execmode' :'continue' ,
    'cycle' : 'once' ,
    'condition' : 'callchain' ,
    'stopatbp' : 'disabled',
    'alltaskbytsp' : 'true'} start_execution ='rw/rapid/execution?action=start',
    auth=HTTPDigestAuth(default, pw), headers=header,data = data_params)