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Trying to import RSconnect and OPCUA smart components


I'm trying to import/find a way to incorporate two smart components into my robotstudio program.
Specifically, I want to incorporate RSConnectDIOToSnap7/ RSConnectGIOToSnap7 and OPCUA.

In the case of the RSConnectDIOToSnap7/ RSConnectGIOToSnap7 intelligent components, I found the following conversation on the ABB forum:

I have downloaded the files but I can't find a way to import them into my project, could you advise me what steps I should follow or if it is possible to download them directly?
Supposedly the components can be downloaded from the GitHub links and I believe I have followed the steps correctly.

On the other hand, I don't know where I can find the OPCUA component and I have observed that there is a video on the internet using this element.

 Could you tell me where I can find this component and add it to my RS program?

I am trying to communicate my Tia Portal PLC program (using PLCSim Adv.) and connect it with my program in RobotStudio, I have seen that it is possible using these alternatives.
Is there any other alternative that you recommend or would using these components be more than enough (using an alternative obviously)?