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Error numbers displayed at end when running tooldata Define, what do they mean?


Can anyone offer a brief description on how the error min/max/mean are calculated?  Perhaps a diagram?  I'm just curious what they are in relation to.  Obviously closer to zero is better.  I've done my first tool define using the 4 points + Z  (tool is rotated 90 degrees around Y, typical spindle mount) and got a:
Max of 0.55mm
Min of 0.22mm
Mean of 0.34mm 
Going by memory... which brings me to my next question, is there any way to retrieve these error numbers after Define is completed?  Going into the tooldata Change Value doesn't seem to show them.


  • lemster68
    With the S4C+ it was possible to write a file with those data in it.  There was a prompt when completed, if you answered no, it was gone forever.
    You taught a good TCP.  Max is just the largest deviation of the calculation I suppose.  Min is the, you guessed it, minimum.  Mean is just the average.
    You can use the instruction, MToolTCPCalib to determine your TCP, and it will assign the max and mean to variables.  You could store those values for later use if you need them.  The manual will tell you also about what max and mean errors mean.
    Lee Justice
  • Hello Lee,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.  I don't need the values, just wanted to verified what I had done.  I don't know how I missed it, but I found the discussion of min/max/mean in the manual, section 6.4.2 Defining the tool frame (Operating Manual - IRC5 with flexpendant).  Thanks.
  • lemster68
    Lee Justice