RobotStudio event


Morning Guys, 

Completely apologies for my question, I'm a complete novice with RobotStudio. 

I'm making up a Station/Project with the location on my Arm, my issue is it works fine in the simulation, code is fine on pendant on software and hardware, but the Robot it-self seems to stop on the initial movement, the 2nd axis seems to move more negatively in the x on the actual physical arm more than in the simulation. 

I initially moved my robot arm up onto a plinth, is there a world coordinate system I need to change to acknowledge the movement.

Many thanks in advance for this. 

I am trying to fumble my way through.



  • What you are most likely having issues with is the task frame. Inside of the Controller tab, there will be a button on the far right side that says modify task frames. You want the task frame to be the same as the robot position in the station. Most of the time, when you move the robot onto something, it prompts you asking if you want to move the task frame, generally, you want to hit yes.

    If you plan on moving the base frame of the robot for a multi robot setup across controllers then you may have a reason to hit No. It will then prompt you if you want to update the base frame definition of the robot. If you have hit No to both you will often see the issue you are currently having.