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Omnicore Appmaker Installation on VC

I am trying to install the Appmaker addin to an Omnicore Virtual Controller and I can't seem to get it to work. Has anyone had any success doing this? The manual just references adding it to the controller's installation and I took that to mean using Installation Manager to deploy it to the controller from Robotstudio. It seems like it is successful in installing the Appmaker but no button appears on the main screen to access it.


  • Make sure you have the App in the Add-ins list, if not download it from DC.

    Open the Installation Manager.

    Create a controller and add AppMaker.

    Start a virtual controller and choose the one you created.

    Open the flexpendant and go to appmaker info.

    This text will be shown:
    ABB OmniCore™ App SDK AppMaker is installed on this system.

    To get started, open a desktop web browser (such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox) on your computer, then copy/paste or type this address into the browser:


    You might need to accept a self-signed certificate used by the controller, and log in.

    Unless UAS has been configured, the default username is "Default User", password "robotics".

    Be sure to keep the system running while using AppMaker.
    Also note that the AppMaker add-in is not required for running apps created using AppMaker, only during development.

    For further information, please refer to the OmniCore™ App SDK manual. 

    Then you will just put: https:/$PRODUCTS/OmniCore-App-SDK-AppMaker_1.4.0/webroot/index.html into your browser and log in with username Default User", password "robotics".

    I believe the manual was a bit confusing as well so I did a short guide. 

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  • AHiers
    edited November 2023
    I can't seem to get the appmaker to appear on the virtual pendant. My pendant on robotstudio also doesn't show the physical buttons like yours does, it is just the screen.

    I attempted to create a controller from a backup of a controller that I can access Appmaker on and it still doesn't show up on the virtual one. 
  • Which version of RS are you using?
  • AHiers

    I have verified that I can dump my App's files in the Virtual Controller and the App appears on the main menu. However the AppMaker Info screen does not appear on the menu and I cannot access Appmaker through the VC on a web browser.