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Do i Need the 616-1 PC-Interface to manage 2 IRC5 with PickMaster

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Hello ladies and gentlemen,


I have a hopefully simple question, it is about the realization of a project in PickMaster with 2 IRC5 (for 1 IRB360 FlexPicker each), 1 conveyor belt, a vision system consisting of a Basler Scout sca1300-32gc and of course the computer with the Software.

The 2 robots + controllers were bought second-hand from my technical college a long time ago and I am the first person to have to operate them together, as they were previously only used for demonstrations of simple pick and place applications.


As I can't connect both IRC5s via the service port, but only one at a time, I have to use the internal LAN connection (see Fig. 1), right?

However, this does not work, even with a customized IP, subnet etc., I have read that I need a 616-1 PC interface extension for this?

Figure 2 shows the modules activated in my controller.

Now my general question, do I need this 616-1 PC interface to operate a PickMaster line with 2 IRC5 or how do I set up my network in another way?

I apologize for my ignorance, this is the first time I have had to implement something similar and many things are new to me. Therefore, any basic tips are welcome if I am wrong in other parts.


RobotWare Version: 5.13.2039.02

PickMaster Version 3.56

Robotstudio Version: 22.2.10013.1

I will provide missing information if required

Also iam not sure how to post images direct in my Post, so here the links:

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  • Newman
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    Without PC interface 616-1 you can only connect Robotstudio through service port. 
    I havn’t worked with Pickmaster in a very long time but I don’t think you can use two separate IRC5 controllers with only one camera system. Probably the robots must be in Multimove if they should share camera.
    Swedish freelance ABB robot programmer
  • DanielWright
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    Im not an expert but i believe you need 642-1 Prepared for Pickmaster and this has the options needed which i think may include the PC interface option.

    All the IRC5's would then be able to communicate with the pickmaster software on the computer to get the positions etc.

    Here is the Spec for pickmaster which has some info on the licences at the bottom:

    If it were me though i would email support to find exactly what you need.


  • ArneSt
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    Thanks for your answers!

    I will probably contact the support.

    @DanielWright I don't know how I missed this point, thank you very much!

    "The Prepared for PickMaster - PickMaster3 option is exclusively offered together
    with PickMaster.", so i'm going to talk to my supervisor or professor to find out where the necessary data is

    I will get back to this post as soon as I can tell if this has solved my problem

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  • ArneSt
    Thanks again, luckily I found the necessary .kxt files on a PC and can now rebuild the systems.

    Problem solved!