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RobotWare Add In, custom settings/config

Hi All,

I'm trying to develop a RobotWare Add In. Everything is going wel, but I would like to add custom configuration options to the controler -> configuration menu.

I know this is possible, because for example the Fronius Add In has this functionality:

However I'm not able to find any documentation on how to do this. Could someone help me with that?

I was able to unpack the Fronius the add in and was able to reverse engineer it a little bit, but having proper documentation would be great.


  • DenisFR
    As I know (never use it), you have to use Add-In Packaging Tool available Here.
    It contains help file explaining what to do.
  • Quint
    Thanks Denis, I am able to successfully create a package with the Add-In Tool, but unfortunately the documentation doesn't explain anything about these configuration settings
  • Tompanhuhu
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  • Quint
    Yes that is exactly what I'm looking for!
    But forget my ignorance, I don't see where in the documentation this is explained?

    Would you be able to share your project where you created your own settings?