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Hello everyone, friends. I have an Abb irc5 robot, we need to check the external equipment (sensors, valves) on this robot at the beginning of each shift. For this, the robot must be at a suitable point. I wrote a routine file to get the robot to a suitable point. I put the robot in manual mode and run this routine file. When the robot reaches the point I want (the last step in the program), I want it to stop after the last step, but the robot goes to the first step again. What can I do to solve this? (The question may be a little simple, but please excuse me as I'm new).


  • Amelie
    First of all, thank you very much for your support and time.  Unfortunately, what is written here seems a bit advanced to me.  I just want this for my 10-line routine file that I wrote under the name "manual control".  But what is written here is some advanced information.  I tried a little more and added the "StopMove" command under the last command.  In this way, the robot stopped and did not go to the initial command.  But I don't know if this is a good choice?  What do you think? Can you suggest another way?
  • nicolahinssen
    edited December 2023
    The answer in the mentioned thread is not that advanced.

    On the FlexPendant, go to the Quickset menu by clicking the button on the bottom right of the screen. Choose "Run Mode (third button), and click "Single Cycle". That's it.

  • mandolas
    As nicolahinssen mentioned, this would be the best and easiest way to execute just one cycle, both manually and automatically.
    StopMove is used to stop the robot's movement without stopping the pointer. Note that other tasks continue to run normally, unlike the use of Stop. The problem with using the StopMove routine is that to return the movement you must execute a StartMove.
  • SomeTekk
    If StopMove is used followed by an EXIT instruction, then Amelie's robot routine will run, moving the manipulator to its place, stop moving, and destroy the program pointer. Other tasks will continue, in manual mode. Recovery of the PP can be done by PP To Main in the Program Editor, or from the Production Window when switching to Auto.