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Integrated vision with alternative IP addresses configured

Hi, as per the title I generally have several IP addresses setup on my NIC so that I can connect to various PLCs/HMIs/robots without constantly having to change my IP address. This is by adding alternative IP addresses under Advanced TCP/IP Settings in windows.  e.g.,,

However, in recent versions of robotstudio this is causing problems when trying to connect to camera. When right clicking the camera the connect option is greyed out and hovering over it gives a message "Camera is not available on the network of the PC". However, when I go to the add sensor dialog the camera is indeed visible, it pings correctly and I am able to connect if I use cognex in-sight explorer rather than the integrated vision. 

I have to remove all IP addresses other than 192.168.125.x and restart robotstudio to connect. Then add them all back again to do other work. This is irritating to say the least! Can it be fixed please?


  • mikek10
    I have updated to version 23.4.10609.1 and see in the release notes the following:
    Remaining error - Connect button greyed out for no reason
    It may sometimes happen that the “Connect” button is greyed out, with the tooltip saying the camera is not on the correct subnet although the IP settings are OK.
    Workaround: Restart the Integrated Vision Add-In

    However I have tried this to no effect and have to continue to modify IP settings as before

  • Hi,
    I have the same problem, it is infuriating!
    Have you heard anything from ABB that resolves this issue?

    I had an idea to connect to the camera with the RobotStudio SDK(create an addin that opens the connection to the camera that ignores if it is possible) but I haven't found which command to use.
    //Markus Näslund
  • mikek10
    edited March 11
    No, and I've also updated to version 24.1.10693.0 but still have the same problem 
  • mikek10
    Have updated to 24.1.10713.1 but still seeing this issue
  • Maxim Riabichev
    Hey guys,

    My recommendation would be to reach out to your local ABB and report this problem. If the it is a known issue then the message could serve as a reminder that it is causing problems for many people. Perhaps the issue would become re-prioritized.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer