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IRC5 with SafemovePro and ProfiSafe Signals - Options

i have a IRC 5 System here with the following Options Installed
883-3 Profinet Device
840-3 Profinet Anybus Device
604-2 Multimove
623-1 Multitasking
608-1 World Zones
611-1 Path Recovery
996-1 Safety Module
1125-2 SafemovePro
735-7 Keyless Mode Switch
and i miss the Mapping or ability to Map the Safety Signal to the Profinet / Profisafe Device, I' quite sure that the Option 997-x ProfiSafe is needed but according to the customer the system was explicitly checked  to work in this config with Profisafe Signals.

Please give me short feedback if I'm right?



  • If you have a different profisafe master, you need "997-1 PROFIsafe F-Device".
    If robot should be master, you need "997-2 PROFIsafe F-Host and Device".

    If you just need a few signals, it's cheaper to buy "1241-1 Prepared for ABB CI502" and use a ABB CI502 PNIO unit for signals. 
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