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Unexpected "Value is below minimum" in SmartComponent


I have a sequence of motions I am using with JointMover and a DataTable, as show in the image shown in
However, when running, it keeps complaining that the value is below the minimum!

The mechanism I am using was created inside RobotStudio, and has a single joint that can go from -2400 mm to 7300mm.

The DataTable has values starting from 0 up to 3400. I am adding "-1910" to the result of the DataTable and feeding it to the J1 from JointMover. As a result, J1 should have values between -1910 up to 1490, which is well within the joint limits of the mechanism.

Any idea why it is giving "Property Binding failed to set 'J1' (Value is below minimum)"?

Thanks, best regards, and a Happy New year.


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  • hcostelha
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    Hi again,

    I found the answer. It seems that when feeding the J1 property of the JointMover from another component, I have to pass the values in meters. So, diving all the values by 1000 solved the problem.

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