PickMaster position sources Image remains gray in operation, Pos1 of CNV1 does not work in PM operat


After I have solved some of my problems, I have some more questions regarding PickMaster and hope, even if PM doesn't seem so common, that someone might be able to help me.

I have a system with 2 Irc5+IRB360, 1 conveyor belt, camera and a tray on which the parts from the conveyor belt are to be sorted.

I have now set everything up so far that I was able to create and configure a project in PickMaster. Now I have the problem that my live image from my position sensor is grey as soon as I start production and no objects are recognized.

In other processes, the camera works smoothly, be it for calibrating the camera or teaching in a vision model.

Does anyone have any idea what the reasons could be here or what I could test?

I have also noticed that as soon as I start production in PickMaster, the Pos1 from the conveyor belt no longer counts up correctly under "Jogging/Movement". Instead, it always counts up during operation (up to 20 mm depending on the speed), but then always resets to 0 (still during operation and then counts up, then 0 again, etc.).

If I then run my PPACAL and let it run in normal robot mode, it counts the distance traveled correctly, but as soon as I start production again in PickMaster, it no longer works.

Since my position source is triggered by a trigger distance, this could of course be the reason why the image remains gray, even if an image should actually be delivered initially.

Many thanks in advance!