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memallocator.h error during controller-startup

Jaycephus ✭✭
edited January 19 in RobotStudio
I'm using the latest RS in Windows 11 Pro:
RobotStudio 2023.4.1 (64-bit)
Version 23.4.10609.1

I'm trying to open a project made on an older laptop that is no longer available.
I went through and changed all the paths in the project files that I could find to my current  C:\Users\<name>\..., which permitted the project to find the RobotWare directory, and begin starting the controller.

However, during the start, there is an error message, and eventually, the system complains that the controller was not found, due to the controller-start having stalled due to this error.

Error message:
Assertion failed!
Assert: m_memPool != NULL, file C:\AGENT\AGENT2\work\3\s\inc\rw_cpp_memallocator.h, line 206

What do I do to resolve this and get this older project open?

- Jay