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DeviceNet with two Robot Controller as Master

I'm new to DN with two masters.
We have a robot-setup with two robot controller (2x IRC5) in the same Devicenet. Additionnally a Conveyortracker (DSQ377A)
And I would like that, both controller can communicate with the same QTrack

We have the Problem, that when you start the system, the start of the DeviceNet fails.
On one controller I get the error code: 71310: That the QTrack Unit is already occupied by an other master.
And on the other controller I get the code: 71058: That the connection to the QTrack Unit was lost.


IRC5-Compact: DN address: 1
QTrack1 - DeviceNet1 - d377A - address: 13
DNSlave - DeviceNet1 - DN_INTERNAL_SLAVE

IRC5: DN address: 2
QTrack1 - DeviceNet1 - d377A - address: 13

Do I need to change the configuration?