Can I turn on a digital I/O using Robot Web Services directly?

If not, would writing a rapid routine to turn on the output and posting http://localhost/rw/rapid/execution?action=start work?
Any other better methods to recommend?


  • You could send a POST request to /rw/iosystem/signals/{network}/{device}/{signal} to do this:

    Would this work for your use case?
  • Kienan123
    I personally like using ajax libraries.

    function Set_Pneumatics(x) {

        var data = {
            "url": "/rw/iosystem/signals/EtherNetIP/IO_Balluff/doBlowOff?action=set",
            "method": "post",
            "queries": { "action": "set" },
            "data": { "lvalue": x }
            "auth": { "user": "Default User", "password": "robotics" }