Picking-Tab doesn't appear in RS

I'm trying to use the Picking Powerpac. The installation works, but as soon as I try to start it, PickMaster opens (good), but the Picking-Tab in RS doesn't appear.
And it gives an error as follow:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at PickMasterPP.UI.TabPickMaster.InitTab()
   at PickMasterPP.UI.UIManager.InitRibbonTabs()
   at PickMasterPP.UI.UIManager.InitUI()

RS Version: 2023.4.1
Picking Powerpac Version: 2023.2

Release notes of Powerpac mention, that RS needs to be Version 2023.2 but shouldn't it be backwards compatible?

So does someone know how to solve it? Or where I can get RS 2023.2?



  • angad
    im having the same issue with RS 2024.1 and Picking powerpac 2023.2. Please let me know if you got a response.