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I have a station with two robots that weld on the same part, very large stuff.
So when i make a program in robotstudio i have to program the welding for each robot. Very time consuming :( So i wonder if there is a way to copy/mirror the welds over to the other task/robot? 

would spare me weeks of programming.


  • Somehow got this to half work via the mirror path function in the home window. But the external axis value does not mirror.

    So is there a way to copy over the external axis values over to the other robot or sync/mirror them in some way?

    Guess its possible to make side by side view in the rapid window and copy paste the external axis value from rob1 to rob2, but that will also take forever.

    Spent half the day searching for a solution both in manuals and online. Only thing that came up was that external axis wont follow and you have to do that seperate. But the author never said how ^^

  • Problem solved.