IRC5 Collision Predicted

I was jogging my ABB IRC 140 and I got error 50431
It disabled movement and there is no chance of collision so I was to turn off collision avoidance to be able to move the robot again.

I don't have a DO with for collision avoidance so I am trying to set one up under Configuration -> I/O System -> System input
When I go to name the signal I get another error;
"   " is not valid for this parameter

Am I missing a step? Is turning off collision avoidance possible from the teach pendant?

If anyone has experience turning off collision avoidance from a teach pendant please help me out.
Thank you


  • revans
    If I am following your issues correctly, You first have to make an IO under the configuration->I/O System-> and then signals. From there, right click and define a digital input. That IO will then show up in the list of IO for you to add to the system inputs.

    The correct way to work form there is to use the simulate IO from the teach pendant to make it so you can manually change the value of the digital input. However, you can also Setup the system input as mentioned above, then go back and edit the signal to be a digital output and that will let you control it with a digital output like you want. I cannot say this is recommended, or that it won't be patched out, but it works.