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I-Start destroys mechanisms


I encounter a very annoying problem, that I am not sure I tackle the right way.

I have created synchronized mechanisms using the external axis wizard and the mechanism creation tool.
Then I realized I needed to add different options into the controller and hence needed to do an I-start to integrate them.
Yet, after this restart, I have a pop up message which warns that my mechanisms have been disconnected and wipes them out from the controller...

I tried to restore from backup that was made just before I-start but a conflict is detected in the options of the controller and the mechanisms do not re-create 

Is there a way to avoid this ?


  • Kienan123
    I'm not sure your using I-start correctly, It's a factory reset. Outside of a system failure I never use I-start which will always delete system configurations. Updating configurations you just need a warm start, or P-start will reset rapid but not system configurations.
  • Daper

    First off thank you for your reply ! Really appreciate !
    Next, in fact when I add an option, right after clicking "ok" in the "Change Options" menu, the following message window pops up:

    "The changes will not take effect until the virtual controller is reset.
    Do you want to reset and restart the controller now?"

    I tried to bypass, reply "no" and then only warmstart the controller as suggested but the new options are not included...
    They appear in the file controller.rsf found in the BACKINFO folder, but it seems like they're not considered.

    For example, I tried to add the 633-4 Application arc, and the arc-related commands like ArcLStart are still "not found identifiers".

    So I feel like I can't avoid I-start... any other suggestion ?
  • Daper
    edited May 15
    After many trials and frustration, it seems like the best solution I've ended up to is to save the mechanism as a library file and re-import it afterwards. When the message "Do you want to keep the data of --mechanismName-- in the station" pops up after reset, it also helps to keep it