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How increase sensitivity per point

Hi everyone!

I start a system using a IRB 4600, but i whant increase the velocity to do the job fastely.
But if i make this, the robot stop the process cause they start a sensitivity protection.

I want program a accurate sensitivity per point to increase the velocity and keep the security.
Somebody can help me explaing how i do this, please?

Thanks a lot!


  • I am going to have to assume that you mean collision detection/motion supervision.  Ensuring that this works as best as can be involves setting up the robot correctly from the very beginning.  Any arm loads must be defined and entered into the system parameters.  Then, one may run the Load identification routine for the robot end effector.
    If this has all been done properly, false collision detections usually do not happen.
    Aside from all that, if the robot has the Collision detection/motion supervision option, you may use the instruction MotionSup\On\Tunevalue:=xx;  XX is the value that you can enter to make it more or less sensitive.  MotionSup\Off; may also be used to temporarily deactivate the motion supervision.
    Lee Justice