IRC5 as a ProfiBus Master

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Hi, I try to configure a IRC5 as a ProfiBus Master to connect a Beckhoff - EL6731-0010 Slave. Option (969-1 PROFIBUS Controller) is installed, but I wonder why there is in the I/O System -> Industrial Network -> collumn "connection = not applicable" and not "PCIe Board" like in the documentation?
What is wrong?

The EIO.cfg looks like this:
 - Name "PROFIBUS" -Label "PROFIBUS Controller Network"\ - CfgPath "Home/pbus_cfg.bin"

I also get an error message now:
I/O and communication 71228 Profibus binary configuration error.
The configuration data in the binary file is not accepted by the device at address 3.

RobotWare is

 Thanks for your help
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