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Do off delay

Goodmorning all,

Is there an instruction for an off delay of an output?


  • Tompanhuhu
    To turn on the output in 1 second write
    SetDO\SDelay:=1, doGrip_1_Close,1;
    To turn off the output in 1 second write
    SetDO\SDelay:=1, doGrip_1_Close,0;
    From the manual. 
    [ \SDelay ]

    Signal Delay

    Data type: num

    Delays the change for the amount of time given in seconds (max. 2000s). Program execution continues directly with the next instruction. After the given time delay the signal is changed without the rest of the program execution being affected.

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  • Daniel_Vos
    Thanks Tompanhuhu, mist that completly in then manuals!