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Bullseye invalid digital input

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Hi everyone,

After installing the Bullseye option + hardware, I could see that the default value in configuration - I/O device - "assigned to device " is  B_AW_OPT_14 in my case, which I changed for a physical input in my I/O card (dsq652).

When starting the routine BESetupToolJ, I have a message on the FP claiming that the digital input specified in the be_device data is not a valid input.

If it is correlated, how can I solve this problem ?

BTW, I don't have the possiblity to select back B_AW_OPT_14 in the I/O configuration. Only EN_internal, DN_internal, dsq652 or SC_feedback_dev

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    OK in the meantime found the solution. Needed to define my own signal via the program editor, as stated in the application manual - how to select different Bullseye data, including input signal