finger and operations missing in wizard

In RobotStudio 2023 I create a new station with an IRB14050 robot then
  • add a SmartGripper and link it to the robot
  • add a Virtual Controller from Layout (robotware 7.10)
  • Sync with RAPID
  • open the Virtual Flexpendant
  • launch the Wizard APP (1.5.1)
All is fine but I'm missing the Operations button (upper right of the main window) and all the blocks related to the gripper. I get no finger blocks nor vacuum blocks. 
What am I doing wrong? If I open a backup taken from an actual controller and robot I get all the missing blocks. Is there some configuration I skipped? Checking the controller configuration I can see it is configured for a SmartGripper. How can I get gripper related blocks?


  • leonardodo
    Problem solve thanks to the Wizard Support. The following controller options are needed: Collision detection, Multitasking.