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I/O Signal Omnicore E10

Hello everyone,

I have an ABB IRB 1300 with an Omnicore E10. I tried to configure the I/O signals (DIGITAL OUTPUT ), but I can't get any current (24V) when I simulate it from RobotStudio or the Pad. I am sure there is communication between the cards because RobotStudio recognizes my DSCQ 1030 card. I have already checked the firewall and watched a ton of video tutorials like "IRC5 and OmniCore™ Controllers - I/O Signal Setup (YouTube)" and "Safe Scalable I/O (YouTube)". I provided 24V power to each card, but I still can't get it to work. Do you have any ideas on how to fix my problem? 

For your information, I am using the free version of RobotStudio.