NetworkScanner does not send any pakets

we have a problem with our new configuration:  we now have an IRC 5 Compact and use RobotStudio 2024.2 SDK and RobotWare Tools 6.15.27.

The C# program that we used to control the robot under Windows 7 no longer works!   
<div><code></div><div>private NetworkScanner scanner = new NetworkScanner();</div><div>...</div><div>scanner.Scan();</div><div>ControllerInfo[] collection = scanner.GetControllers(NetworkScannerSearchCriterias.Real);</div><div></code></div><div></div>

"collection" is always an empty list!

Which is also not surprising: WireShark does not find any packets from computer to IRC 5 controller Only regular ICMP packets from the controller:
<div>769705 4500.217451 ICMP 97 Redirect (Redirect for host).</div><div></div>

Even the sample programs from ABB show the same behavior:

Only when I manually connect the controller with RobotStudio 2024.1 is it then found by the program.

The problem persists even after I have updated the DLLs and removed the only two warnings:
<div>//The member "Controller.Connect(ControllerInfo, ConnectionType, bool)" cannot be addressed with an instance reference. Instead, it must be qualified with a type name.</div><div>//"Mastership.Request(IMastershipResource)" is obsolete: use "Request(IMastershipResourceController)", which requests "Mastership".</div>
Why does the NetworkScanner initially not send any packets? 

Axel Dürrbaum