Is it possible to send a RAPID code via TCP/IP to the robot from robotstudio?

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I have managed to create a RAPID code RobotStudio and simulate it in this software.
Once simulated, I have also managed to simulate the program on the SW and with a usb memory copy it to the robot controller using the usb input of the flexpendant. I have also managed to move  the real robot with the copied code.

Would anyone know if it is possible to send this code to the controller by TCP/IP communication?
If so, could you provide me a tutorial or steps to follow? 

Thanks in advance. 


  • graemepaulin

    There are a few ways to send a program or module to the controller via an Ethernet connection and RobotStudio.
    You have to connect your computer directly to the service/management port of the controller or via the network but you need an option on the controller (PC interface for RobotWare 5 & 6, RobotStudio connect for Robotware 7).
    Then in the controller tab you can use file transfer to transfer the file directly to the controller hard disk.
    Or you can create a relationship between the real and virtual controller (also on the controller tab).
    You could also open the Rapid editor on the real controller and the virtual controller and copy and paste the code from the virtual program directly into the real program.

    There is more detail on the first two options in the RobotStudio help.

  • DenisFR
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    Or you can use FTP.
    Using the service port, it is

  • SomeTekk
    I have used a file explorer, on an IRC5 (RW 5.15) present on a network, to move data around. I was able to inflict real damage to the systems operational state by deleting the wrong info. Thankfully I chose to experiment on a non-production machine. 

    I am unaware of the capabilities newer ABB's, but it sure would be nice if there was an embeded web server as some other brands have.