communication DSQC 352 ABB with CJ1W-PRM21 Omron Profibus


I need help with the communication between the ABB S4 robot converter (DSQC 352) and the Omron Profibus communication module (CJ1W-PRM21). On the robot, I have already added the DSQC 352 card and configured the number of inputs and outputs as well as the node number (2). In the PLC, I added the GSD file that I found on a webpage and I am using the CX-ConfiguratorFDT version 3.0 software.

The PLC manages to identify the robot's address, but it does not exchange data, showing an error. I am not sure if there is any missing information in the configuration or if I am using the software incorrectly. Additionally, there is an error when I try to download the DTM from the robot, and I am not sure if this might be the issue.