【HELP!】About how to obtain the current robot coordinates.

I am using Visual Studio C# to operate YuMi, but how can I get the position of each arm of the robot and the angle information of each axis and output it to a computer?

The versions I am using are robot studio 2021.2 and visual studio 2019.


  • revans
    Your robot will need the PC interface option on the robot ideally. If you do not have this option, there will not be an efficient means to communicate with the robot. If you are only working with a virtual robot, you do not need this option.

    For anything I miss, go to ABB's developer center and look at the PC Interface documentation and that will show you nearly every thing you need to know.

    You will need either robotstudio or the pcsdk installed on your computer, you do not need both. Installing robotstudio installs the required dll's. Please refer to the video below or ABB's documention for doing this. Some of the newer abb robots recommend using the web interface option, but for C# I personally prefer the pcsdk.


    Good luck, let me know if this works for you.