Robot stopping mid motion

Hello everyone.
I'm having an issue with an abb irc5 robot, when running my program in teach using either the step or the playback buttons the robot moves about 3 inches or so then stops.  I get a couple messages that show up in the event log relating to robot program stopped and path regained and such.  Hitting the playback or step will then move the robot another 3 inches to my programed point and stop again.

Never experienced this on an abb robot before and am at a loss as to what would cause it.


  • revans
    edited July 6
    This is a little hard to tell with this information. A backup would be required to know what is going on.

    My first guess is there is background code running on the robot that looks for a robot running bit and sends a stop command if certain conditions aren't met. This would be a stop bit would be send moments after being sent a start bit. This might also be caused by a trap routine, this is like an interrupt in most other languages. 

    To see if you have a background task, open it in robot studio, look under configurations, then look at tasks. If there is more than one, that might point to a background task, not guaranteed though.

    If you see routines in the program that say trap, or Connect, that there is probably trap routines. They could be using both.

    A backup would be the only way to tell.

     Good luck.