Positioner type: IRBP L-600

I hope you are well.

Please I find a problem with the Positioner type: IRBP L-600.
I have in the station one robot irb 2600ID, and two Positioner type: IRBP L-600, connected to an IRC5 standard.

I made the calibration of the third, everything was good, the 2 positioner moved
After I made the reset of the system (I-Start) (for some reason). after, I made the ''fine calibration'' of the 2 positioner without move them.

But after, When I tried to move the first positioner through the flexpendant it didn't move. But the second move well, when I select it.

Please does someone could help me with this problem? what should be the reason, and how to manage it?
(There is no specific error raise in the flexpendant)