Set DO default value based on variable value

Hi everyone,

I have a DO that is sometimes switched during the program execution. It is used for communication with an external PLC.
At controller restart, the value of the DO is reset to its default value, specified In the system parameters topic I/O system - Signal.
I want my DO to be set to the value it was before controller shutdown, and not its default value

I was thinking about setting the DO  before program restart based on a PERS variable contained in one of the program module.

Can I do something alike ? Is there any alternative ?


  • lemster68
    lemster68 ✭✭✭
    See section4.10 of the RW6 system parameter manual for the Type Signal Safe level, particularly:

    4.10.6 Action when System Shutdown
    Action when System Shutdown belongs to the type Signal SafeLevel, in the topic
    I/O System.
    Cfg name
    Specifies the value for a logical output signal when the robot system is shutdown.
    Default value
    Set last value
    Allowed values
    Set default value
    Set last value
    Set zero value
    Lee Justice
  • Daper
    Many Thanks @lemster68 !! It matches my expectation perfectly