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Hi, I've made a model of a camera as a tool with two joints, pan and tilt. The TCP is located at the camera lens. When I import the tool into a station, I can jog the two joints and the TCP follows the lens. The problem occurs when I attach the tool to a robot. Then the TCP doesn't follow the tool joints, but stays fixed in space. However, it moves when I jog the robot joints. How can I make the TCP follow the lens?



  • DanS
    DanS ✭✭
    I noticed this also.  The tooldata created when the mechanism is attached is placed where the tcp frame for that mechanism is while mech is at zero.

  • The short answer is that the tooldata is fixed.

    When you attach a tool to a Robot, RS creates a tooldata that corresponds to the toolframe of the tool. The tooldata is constant, e.g. the TCP is fixed relative to the robot mounting point.

    I'm not a robot programmer primarily, but I don't think the controller supports a "moving TCP". The correct way to do something similar would be to define multiple toolframes in the tool, each corresponding to a joint pose (e.g. open/closed).
    Johannes Weiman2007-7-4 9:34:28
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  • DanS
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    The way it was setup in RS3.x allowed you to move your mechanism (tool) to a certain value and then attach it to the robot.  A tooldata was then created at the location of the mechanism TCP frame.

    In RS5.x the tooldata will always to be created wherever the mechanism TCP frame was at zero regardless of where the mechanism TCP frame was at the time of attachment.

    It would be really nice to get this working the same as it did in RS3.x

  • PerSvensson

    Johannes is right the controller doesn't support a moving TCP like a workobject.

    But maybe there should be a button showing up in the jogwindow(if a tool) and when pressed it creates a new tcp(or maybe a option to update the default one) at the current tool mech position.

    Default when attached it creates the tcp like now.

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  • DanS
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    That feature would be pretty handy image
  • Grahammy
    Hi guys, is this still the case....???
    I know its 15 years old, but we have the same exact issue.

    Our spray gun is mounted on a mechanism to change the angle.
    But the TCP does not move with the tool.

    After 15 years, has something been added to allow this, or at least a work around?