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joaof Portugal


I want know how I can make a process like griding a part in RobotStudio. I have a Tool in a work place and the robot keep a part, I need make a griding of the part, I saw a video and my aplication is something like that but not with metalic parts!

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joaof2007-7-5 11:26:43


  • Klaus
    Klaus Denmark ✭✭

    Hi Joao.

    I'm the guy on the video. To make like i did you have to use fixed tcp and robhold Wobj. The robot then moves the targets and the Tool is fixed in your cell. Remember to use Loaddata because your robot knows your tool mass

    I now longer working on PDC-Teknik. now i am working on ProInvent but is stil programming robots.

    Good luck

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    Klaus Soenderhegn
  • joaof
    joaof Portugal

    Hi Klaus,

    See this!

    Tomorrow I send too you the video of griding application!

    Thank you!


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    Joao Fidalgo

    joaof2007-7-20 21:24:3