How to use machanism I made?


I created machinism in 5.09. But I don't know how to use it in simulation.

How can I activate mechanical unit for external axis type? I think I should make the system for that first. I tried to make it from create system from layout but failed. There were 1 robot and 1 external axis mechanism in the system. The message said "At least one TCP robot must be part of the system." I have 1 robot which has TCP. What should I change?

For tool type mechanism how can I jog the joint in simulation?





  • I have 5.08 but to jog a mechanism in simulation you have to make "poses" under modify mechanism. Then you can use the event editor to "move mechanism to pose". Think of it as bookmarks in your internet browser, and moving mechanisms to that pose is like going to your bookmark. You can also specify how long it should take to reach that pose, ie what speed the mechanism is moving with.

    I don't know about your other problem, sorry.

  • Hi Westman,

    Thanks for your reply. I understand.