Target invisible in 5.09

Knehr United States

With targets invisible they won't show when clicked on. They do on other computers with 5.09 and they did with 5.07 s there a setting for this? The problem occurs when loading a module from another location. I created targets and when made invisible they can be seen when clicked on.

Knehr2007-7-19 17:55:22


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    Hello All,

    I have looked through just about everything on Knehr's PC and I have found that it is set up exactly as mine.  The PC is the same (2 serial numbers off of one another) the same 5.09 download and SP was installed.  The controllers are the same (6600_2.55_175).  The odd thing is that I set up a station with IRB4400 and it shows the target swhen selected under Wobj as it should.  RobotWare 5.09.0166.00 is used in both stations.  The issue that we have with this is that our targets are densly packed.  Say about 300 targets are in a 4" by 7" square.  If you have all of the targets visible it looks like a fuzz ball.  If you make them invisible and then click on them it is much easier to verify which target you are modifying.  Could this be an issue with RobotWare -IRB6600_2.55_175?

    Background: When 5.09 was installed the license service had problems and Softwarefactory had to do a workaround.  I did not have this issue on my pc.  PC's=Dell Precision M90