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Need Fix for AWPP ASAP! [ArcWelding PowerPac]


In the ArcWeld browser, I have a number of paths that were created in normal robot studio mode, so the paths are created with non-process moves.  If I open AWPP, all those paths are created under the service procedures.  Normally, if I could just drag the path to the part programs section so that I can convert them to process instructions.

Unfortunately I have a number of paths, and they fill the whole browser window and beyond.

There is no way to drag a path from the service procedure section unless the service procedure parent node is visible in the window, or the part program node is visible in the browser window.  It will not auto scroll like it does in the the elemets browser.

It may also be worth being able to right click on a path and move to a part program or something.

I need this functionality ASAP.  I am stuck without such a feature.

Unless something already exists that I am unaware of that will allow this.



  • j_proulx

    A work around is to create a new Part Program in the AWPP window. It will create an empty path in the Elements window. Via the Elements window copy the positions from the Service Path and paste them to the newly created path. You should then be able to access the positions via the AWPP window to do the conversion.

    I agree that this is a bug that should be addressed.


    Jim Proulx