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I recently attended training in Auburn Hills for RS4. I brought along with me backup files for S4C controllers connected to IRB 4400L30 robots. I worked with our instructor, Pat Deweese and Doug Hixon. We were all unsuccessful in creating working controllers from my backups. Please

We started with Irb4400L30_m2000 V40. Then change to a copy of Irb4400L_30_m98 V32. Setup the properties for the external axis, ethernet FTP, Serial RAP, Advance motion, Advance functions, and Arcware. Start the controller and try to restore the backup from the teach pendent and the PC hangs causing Robot studio to shut down. This was on my PC and the Training PCs



  • Phil
    Phil France

    I found out that a file has been modified (corrupted ?) in the backup. The robot type is not the right one. In the file MOC.CFG replace the following line


          -name "master" -use_robot_type "2400_2.45_30" -use_joint_0 "irb_1"
    with this one


          -name "master" -use_robot_type "4400_2.45_30" -use_joint_0 "irb_1"
    I was then able to create a system from your key ID (RobotWare 3.2) and then restore the backup OK.