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Positioner movement


Having solved (or at least seem to) some problems wiht the VC and Io configurations now Im facing another issue.

I want to import a geometry i have made in solidworks and use it as a positioner to the robot (its a rounded table). I havent found any way of doing it, only the possibility of importing libraries (tracks and positioners external axis) already implemented in RS.

I have thogouht about adding an external axis to my table, but i cant imagine how to achieve that!

I would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance,

Victor - En essayant!!


  • PerSvensson
    Import geometry is the function to use. And in Solid you export your assembly as an acis file.
    The easy way to create kinematics is to buy PlusPac which has a function for creating kinematics (kinematic modeller).
    Per Svensson
    Robotics and Vision Specialist
    Consat Engineering
  • vleon

    Thank you very much, Per. I'm putting on it right now.

    I'll try to make my table rotate in its own axis. I hope I won't find more problems...

    Thanks a lot.

    Victor - En essayant!!
  • vleon

    Hi again!!

    I can't get to achieve what i want to do. That is:

    Make my geometry (a rounded table) turn in its own vertical axis, so that the robot would be able to reach any part in the table.

    I've tried  several configurations with the kinematic modeler but I haven't found the way... For instance, I have defined the table as a two-part piece, external axis, rotatory, but it does not move the way i want...

    Anybody could help me?

    Thank you in advance...

    Victor - En essayant!!
  • Henrik Berlin

    Be careful to get your axis vector correct. The axis vector define the axis around which the table will rotate.

    Kind regards,

    Henrik Berlin